Zina Void (ジーナ・ボイド, Jīna Boido; "Zina Void") is a foreign transfer student from Russia who goes to Koyo Women's Academy.


Zina is a tall teenage girl with chin-length white hair and green eyes. She wears a short gray tank top and matching gray short shorts.

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Zina is a very competitive person and like Akemi, she loves muscles.


Zina is stated to have been trained in martial arts since she was a kid. She attended Kremlin West High School.


She battles Hibiki in an arm wrestling tournament and loses. She moves to Japan to get revenge.


Physical Abilities

She is trained in Sambo. She never lost in arm-wrestling to anyone her age before meeting Hibiki.


Soryuin Akemi: Akemi and Zina get along due to their love of muscles.

Tachibana Satomi: Zina is the first to discover Satomi's hobby as a cosplayer. She keeps it a secret, due to her being a fan of Satomi's.

Notes & Trivia

  • She is apparently the niece of Iwan Karaev from Kengan Ashura.
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