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Utsunomiya Koharu (宇都宮 心春, Utsunomiya Koharu; "Koharu Utsunomiya") is a personal trainer from the Kyoto branch of Silverman Gym.[1]


Koharu is a pretty woman with a generally cheerful face, relaxed eyes and dark hair cut in a straight fringe with a long bang draping over the right side of her face. Much like Machio, she hides a very powerful and heavily defined musculature underneath her clothes and is able to burst out of them with a powerful flex.

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Koharu is a very cheerful and amicable individual, with a whimsical and relaxed nature. Like Hibiki and Ayaka, she is a hardcore fan of action films, in particular yakuza films.[1]

She is shown to have hair-trigger with some underlying battlethirsty tendencies. When Ayaka and Gina mention Reioji Ai challenging Akemi, she grabbed a bunch of weapons and got ready to fight her.[2]



While doing a personal trainer seminar with Machio, she ended up meeting Hibiki and Akemi after the two burst in. She met with the rest of the girls during her brief stay in Tokyo. After the seminar week had ended, she thanked the girls for treating her nicely during her stay and prepared to travel back to Kyoto, but not without revealing her love of action movies. With that, Machio took her to the train station.

While the girls were in Kyoto for their school outing, Ayaka and Gina had a sparring match with her, Koharu nonchalantly defeating them both. Afterwards, they held a second match.


Physical Abilities

Koharu was noted to have a large track record as a kind of super-athlete for various sports.[3] She has also proven to be a very proficient hand-to-hand combatant, able to effortlessly subdue Ayaka and Gina simultaneously with only one blow each while sparring the two; in particular, she disabled Ayaka with a single kick and held Gina aloft with a single arm before slamming her down.[2]


  • Machio Naruzo: They are both Silverman Gym personal trainers and have a professional relationship. She considers Machio her senpai.[3]
  • Kure Yakusha: Koharu was very interested in making combat sports arrangements with Kure-sensei.[1]
  • Uehara Ayaka: She sparred against Ayaka and Gina during their visit to Kyoto and was satisfied with their performance.[2] Ayaka wants a rematch.[4]
  • Gina Boyd: She sparred against Gina and Ayaka during their visit to Kyoto and was satisfied with their performance.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Koharu speaks with a distinct Kansai dialect (or "Kyoto-ben").[3]
  • She mentions that she copied the famous "Straight Belly Brothers" scene from her favourite movie every day after seeing it (which helped give her amazing abs).[1]