Uehara Ayaka is one of the main characters in Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru and a student from Koyo Women's Academy.


Ayaka is a tan-skinned and toned girl of average height with brown hair styled in a bun. She wears a short blue tank top and matching blue shorts.

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Ayaka's hobby is watching movies. She seems to dislike the fact that her father made her and her sister learn boxing in order to inherit the family's boxing gym.


She is first seen walking alongside Hibiki and mentions her recent weight gain, which leads her to join Silverman Gym.

She later decides to each boxing classes at Silverman Gym after her gym becomes too crowded.


Physical Abilities

As a boxer, Ayaka has great reflexes. She attributes his to being trained as a boxer as a kid and all the reflex based games she played as a kid. She is also a gifted shot.


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