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Toyoda Tadakatsu (豊田 忠勝, Toyoda Tadakatsu; "Tadakatsu Toyoda") is the ghostly spirit of an infamous warlord from the Sengoku period.[3] After being purified by Machio Naruzo, he takes residence at the Masura Shrine and joins Silverman Gym.


Tadakatsu looks like a Japanese man in his thirties, relatively tall, with a very large and muscular physique. He apparently looks remarkably similar to Jason Sgatham, which is confusing for nearly all the female cast members, with Gina even suggesting they look like "clones".[4] He is very traditional in personal grooming, sporting an untied chonmage hairstyle and a thin goatee. He also has very thin eyebrows and trademark samurai "eagle's eye" eyeshadow makeup, though mildly worn given his centuries-old age. The top of his bald head generally displays a small will-o'-wisp of fading aura, signifying his ghostly status and his physique shifts from having visible legs to having the stereotypical ghostly tail replacing his lower body. His apparel, however, is unknowingly comical with its modernity and his obvious lack of fashion.

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Tadakatsu was once a 16th century warlord with a strong and confident determination. He was introduced as an evil being, bent on revenge and conquest, who was easily angered by modern ignorance. After his "exercism" by Machio,[3] he became very laid-back and welcoming, bent more on personal and public service to Hibiki and Machio. Given his sealing for hundreds of years in a well, he is understandably naive of modern ways. Similarly, he continues to speak in a very ancient manner, mostly referring to others as "lords" or "ladies" as well as using old terminology and retaining unused grammatical structure. Tadakatsu is a very loyal and happy person, full of respect and willingness to support.


Hailing from the Sengoku period, Toyoda was one of the most prominent warlords of the time (he is regarded as the strongest of the warlords by Sengoku Era maniacs). Never bearing any wounds in battle, he died in his sleep, falling prey to a trap by an enemy general.[3] His regret and hatred, turned him into a "grudge" that kept his spirit anchored to the mortal plane.[3]


He attacked and possessed Gina. He had planned to attack Machio and Hibiki, but after Machio "exercised" him with his muscle power, he was purified. He later appeared at Silverman Gym and joined.


He was known as the "Warrior Who Surpassed Death Itself" and was a genius strategist.[3][1]

While possessing Hibiki, he is able to defeat both Akemi and Satomi in shogi (but is no match for someone on the level of Kaneda Suekichi[5]

Ghost Abilities

Being a ghost, he can hover through the air,[6] transparency/invisibility, instantaneous transportation[7] and pass through solid objects.[3] He is also capable of possession, taking full control of human hosts.[3] Given his spiritual nature, on more religious days in the year he is notably weaker and more lethargic; this also applies to his ability to interact with humans, as only more spiritually attuned people can even see or hear him (like Hibiki and unlike Akemi).[8] He also cannot wander in or near spiritually guarded locations and requires help (via possession) to gain access.[5]

Physical Abilities

Being a former samurai, he is very strong and very skilled in combat and training. He can also, apparently, flex the "muscles" of his ghostly tail.[9]

Notes & Trivia

  • His full name is, "Toyoda Kinhachiro Tadakatsu" (豊田 筋八郎 忠勝, Toyoda Kinhachirō Tadakatsu; "Tadakatsu Kinhachiro Toyoda").[1]
  • His head was sealed at the Brawny Meat Temple.[3]
  • Tadakatsu wasn't popular with the opposite sex while he was still alive.[3]
  • Only a few people are aware that Tadakatsu is actually a ghost, including Hibiki and Deire.[4]
  • He is the ancestor of Toyoda Idemitsu, a character who appears in Kengan Omega.
  • Toyoda Tadakatsu is a reference to one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Sengoku period, Honda Tadakatsu.
  • Given his apparently identical appearance to Jason Sgatham, Kure Yakusha suggests two insulting nicknames for Tadakatsu to differentiate them.
    • "Uncircumcised" due to still having hair (foreskin), and then "Samurai Douchebag" for his noticeably samurai presentation and macho demeanor.[4]