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Tachibana Satomi (立花 里美, Tachibana Satomi; "Satomi Tachibana") is one of the main protagonists of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is a world history teacher at Koyo Girl's Academy,[1] and joins the Silverman Gym shortly after Hibiki and Akemi.


Satomi is a young woman with chin-length black hair with parted bangs. She has a diamond tan mark over her belly button. She has a mole under her left eye.

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Satomi likes to cosplay but she is embarrassed by her hobby so she tries to hide it from her students, especially Hibiki and Akemi, whenever she meets them. She is also afraid that she'll be fired if the school board finds out about her hobby. However, because she loves anime and cosplay so much, she'll go on a rant if someone lets her. Much like her fellow teachers Aina Rumika and Kure Yakusha, Satomi gets irked by remarks regarding her age.


Satomi was seen talking to one of her teaching colleagues, complaining about her weight gain. Her colleague recommended going to Silverman Gym to lose weight. She was shocked to learn Akemi and Hibiki go to the same gym. While exercising, Akemi and Hibiki notice a weird tan mark on her belly button and they assume she got it from a weird swimsuit. It was later revealed that the tan mark is from a costume and she was a cosplayer. She is further shocked to learn Ayaka went to the gym as well.

To her horror, Gina discovered she was the cosplayer "Yuria Riko". Gina decided to form a cosplay group with the girls and Satomi was dragged into it, under the condition of using a disguise and another alias.

She would later accidentally rat herself out as Yuria to Mei. Mei decided to keep her secret after Satomi begs her to.


  • Sakura Ibuki: Satomi has a crush on him.
  • Gina Boyd: Gina is the first of the girls to find out she is a cosplayer. Fortunately for her, Gina has kept her secret.[4]
  • Kureishi Mitsuyo: Mitsuyo is a masseur and one of the only people who knows about her hobby. She is aware he is a professional fighter and he is aware she is a professional cosplayer[5].
  • Kure Yakusha: Kure-sensei is her co-worker and senior. She respects Kure-sensei's physical abilities.
  • Sakaguchi Mei: She is the rival of Satomi as they are both cosplayers and Mei is more popular than Satomi. Both are also rivals of Sakura Ibuki's affections.[6] Mei was unaware Satomi is Yuria, until Satomi accidentally ratted herself out.[7] Despite being rivals, they like to hang out sometimes, like at Christmas parties.[8]
  • Aina Rumika: A friend and co-worker of hers. The two often hang out together. They are both into cosplay and want get married as soon as possible.

Notes & Trivia

  • She goes by the pseudonym Yuria Riko (百合亞 リコ, Yuria Riko; "Riko Yuria") while cosplaying.[9]
    • This alias, when mixed with her legal name, is a reference to two Japanese pornographic actresses: Yuria Satomi and Riko Tachibana.
  • She went by the pseudonym Hirata-san for the stage competition.[10]
  • She makes her own costumes.[11][8]
  • She does not have a driving license.[12]