Tachibana Satomi (立花 里美, Tachibana Satomi; "Satomi Tachibana") is one of the main protagonists of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? She is a World History teacher at Koyo Women's Academy, and joins the Silverman Gym shortly after Hibiki and Akemi.


Satomi is a woman with chin-length black hair with parted bangs. She has a diamond tan mark over her belly button.


Satomi likes to cosplay but she is embarrassed by her hobby so she tries to hide it from her students, especially Hibiki and Akemi, whenever she meets them. She is also afraid that she'll be fired if the school board finds out about her hobby.


Satomi is seen talking to another teacher from Koyo Women's Academy and complains about her weight gain. The teacher recommends she goes to Silverman Gym to lose weight.

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