Soryuin Akemi (奏流院 朱美, Sōryūin Akemi; "Akemi Soryuin") is one of the main protagonists of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is a second year high-school student at Koyo Women's Academy and a regular member of Silverman Gym.


Akemi is a tall and slender teenage girl with fair skin, very long black hair reaching past her waist and light blue eyes.

Her outfit while going to the Silverman Gym consists of a light blue tank top and black pants.

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Like her sister, she possesses a muscle fetish, she is way more blunt about it than Soryuin. She tells Hibiki that she chose to join the Silverman Gym in order to live a healthy life.


Soryuin awakened her muscle fetish after seeing a bodybuilding contest.


Akemi meets Hibiki at the Silverman Gym and tells her she decides to go to gym because she wants to live a healthy life.


Physical Abilities

Akemi is stated to be skilled in many sports and martial arts.


Sakura Hibiki: Akemi supports Hibiki's attempts to become fit and helps where she can.

Uehara Ayaka:

Machio Naruzo:

Soryuin Shion: Soryuin is her older sister. Not much is known about their relationship. It is stated that the only reason Akemi doesn't set up a home gym is because Soryuin wouldn't approve of it.

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