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Sakura Ibuki (紗倉 伊吹, Sakura Ibuki; "Ibuki Sakura") is Hibiki's older brother, a brilliant stocks trader and the owner of the family restaurant Hibiki works part-time at.


Ibuki is a handsome young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a black suit with a hood and Goat head on it.

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He is a full-blown chūnibyō and talks like he is roleplaying. He would rather go by edgy pseudonyms rather than his real name.[2] By all accounts, he appears to genuinely believe in the occult. Despite all his eccentricities, he does care for his sister.


Ibuki is a very smart, talented and wealthy young man. After graduating from high school, Ibuki went to study business economics at Kyoto University.[3] Soon after, he started working as a director for a trading company in Tokyo. Out of boredom, he started a Yakiniku restaurant on the side called Sakura Charcoal (炭火さくら, Sumibi Sakura).[4] He recently began a small karaoke business called Gonro Gonro.[5] He also owns the entire building complex he resides in.[1]


Introduced in a dark cathedral, Ibuki dramatically exclaimed it was time to reunite with "Flesh Angel Naruzo". He eventually turned up at Silverman Gym, shocking everyone when it was revealed he was Hibiki's older brother, to deliver Machio and Nana their invites to their high school reunion.


Business Skills

Having studied business economics at Kyoto University,[3] Ibuki is apparently a skilled businessman, as he has made enough money to own his own building complex.[1]

Singing Ability

Ibuki is a surprising gifted singer, able to get perfect hundreds on a karaoke machine.[5]


  • Sakura Hibiki: Hibiki's older brother. She works at the restaurant he owns as a side-business when they're short on staff.[4]
  • Machio Naruzo: They know each other from high school and have been friends since. He refers to him as "Flesh Angel Naruzo" (肉天使・鳴造, Niku-tenshi Naruzō).[2]
  • Uehara Nana: A friend from high school. She is able to completely understand and translate his unnecessarily loquacious manner of speaking.[3]

Notes & Trivia

  • He was the secretary back in high school.[3]
  • His phone contact name is "Black Harbinger Ibuki".[6]
  • According to Hibiki, Ibuki has all the volumes of the manga "Lifts of the North Star".[7]