Sakura Ibuki is Hibiki's older brother.


Ibuki is a handsome young man with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

He is covered in bandages.


He is very weird in which he talks like he is roleplaying. He would rather go by a nickname like Darkness Incarnate Ibuki, rather than his real name. By all accounts, he appears to genuinely believe in the occult.

Despite all his eccentricities, he does care for his sister.


He worked as a director for a trading company in Tokyo but is now the owner of a Yakiniku restaurant.

He is first mentioned by Hibiki, who said she works at a restaurant he owns as a side-business.

He goes to Silverman Gym to give Machio and Nena invites to their high school reunion.


Business Skills

Ibuki has studied Business Economics at Kyoto University. He is apparently a skilled business man, as he has made enough money to own a building.

Physical Abilities


Machio Naruzo: They know each other from high school and have been friends since.

Uehara Nana: A friend from high school.



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