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Sakura Hibiki (紗倉 ひびき, Sakura Hibiki; "Hibiki Sakura") is the main protagonist of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is a second year high-school student at Koyo Girl's Academy and a regular member of Silverman Gym.


Hibiki is a tan-skinned teenage girl of average height with long blonde hair styled in two high ponytails. When going to the Silverman Gym, her outfit consists of a black tank top and red short shorts or red track pants with a white stripe. Hibiki is thicker in build compared to the other girls, and has some noticeable pudginess due to a combination of overeating and her sedentary lifestyle, which causes her to become insecure and seek exercise.


Hibiki is a big eater who enjoys eating junk food. However, when she realizes that she gained weight and she believes she will no longer attract anyone, she decides to go to Silverman Gym to lose weight. She seems to have a great dislike for overly muscular bodies, and when she saw several men with buff bodies in the gym, she immediately wanted to leave. However, she remained in the gym when Machio Naruzo arrived. Although she initially develops a crush on him because of his good looks, she is shocked when she finds out that Machio also has a very muscular body. She has become more comfortable with bulking up and wants abs.

Hibiki is the type of person who gets motivated whenever she gets avaricious.[4]


A second year high-school student at Koyo Girl's Academy, Hibiki greatly enjoyed eating, until one day Ayaka told her that she had gained weight. She decided to go to the Silverman Gym in order to lose weight. There, she met Soryuin Akemi, who wanted to join the gym in order to live a healthier life.

When Hibiki and Akemi entered the gym, the former was shocked to see that it was full of muscular men and immediately wanted to leave. However, she stopped when Machio Naruzo appeared. Due to his good looks, Hibiki changed her mind and remained in the gym.

Hibiki visited Ayaka's family gym and accidentally discovered her latent strength after destroying a punching bag.


Mental Abilities

Hibiki is a student with relatively below-average grades and has been forced to take supplementary lessons[5] as punishment for skipping class.[6] She is a very talented poet.[7]

Physical Abilities

Although she does not have much stamina, Hibiki has shown to have great latent physical strength. Her incredible displays of strength include:

  • Accidentally destroying a punching bag with a single punch.[8] On another occasion, she sent two machos flying along with the struck punching bag.[9]
  • Effortlessly defeating both Ayaka (a semi-professional boxer)[10] and Gina in arm-wrestling almost instantly[4] and even causing Machio to get "a little serious" against her.[10]
  • Lifting a boulder, which was said to give luck in love to those who lifted it.[11]
  • Totaling a punching machine.[12]
  • Bisecting a scarecrow with a single shuriken to win a food related prize.[13]
  • Dragging a sumo wrestler all on her own after groups of people couldn't.[14]
  • Bisecting a dummy with a single kick.[15]
  • Pushing a woman across the room without trying.[16]
  • Crushing a woman's thumb without even trying.[17]

The source of this strength seems to be an adrenaline-fueled fighting sense that comes out when she is properly motivated. She has not perfected this though and cannot call upon this strength at will; on one occasion, she hit herself in the nose with a baseball while trying to hit it with a baseball bat.[18]

Large Appetite

Hibiki is a noticeably big eater with an incredible appetite.[2] She is often seen consuming very calorific foods with relatively little repercussions to show for it. When Akemi asked her about her eating habits, she said that she eats a meal at least six times a day.[19]


  • Machio Naruzo: He is a trainer at the Silverman Gym who regularly coaches Hibiki and Akemi. Hibiki developed a crush towards him due to his good looks, which convinced her to join the gym.
  • Soryuin Akemi: Hibiki became friends with Akemi in the second year of high school because of the gym. Akemi's riches and muscle fetish freak her out a bit, but she still likes her.
  • Uehara Ayaka: They have been best friends since day one in high school. They both share common interests for their love of action movies and gaming;[8] they often head to the game arcade after school.[18] Despite being best buds, both didn't know about each others personal lives before the start of the series (Hibiki didn't know Ayaka was from a family of boxers and Ayaka was unaware Hibiki's brother was rich).[8][20]
  • Gina Boyd: After defeating Gina in an arm wrestling match, Gina moved in with her and enrolled in her school just to get a rematch one day. Hibiki doesn't care much about competing with Gina.
  • Sakura Ibuki: Her older brother. Hibiki is not bothered by his eccentricities and greatly cares for him. She appears to be ignorant of how wealthy he is (he owns a large apartment building for example).
  • Uehara Nana: Ayaka's big sister and a friend of her elder brother. Nana wants to turn her into a professional boxer, but Hibiki turns her down due to lack of interest and not wanting to get hurt.
  • Harnnold Dogegenchonegger: Her and Ayaka's favorite actor. She is overjoyed when he comes to Japan to see Machio and let her ride on his shoulders.


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  • Sakura means "thread, silk" (紗) (sa) and "warehouse, storehouse, barn, treasury, granary, cellar, magazine, godown, depository, elevator, storage place, repository, supply shed, grain elevator, stockpile, arsenal" (倉) (kura).
  • Hibiki is written in hiragana (ひびき), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (響), it could possibly mean "sound, echo".

Notes & Trivia

  • Hibiki apparently has strong ESP, as she is able to interact with Toyoda Tadakatsu normally, even at holy spots where he is weaker.[11]
  • She is in class 2-B of Koyo Girl's Academy. Her grades are noted to be below average.[21] She is taking remedial courses.[5]
  • Hibiki's hobby is food sampling.[22]
  • Her clothes often get ripped by accident.
  • Hibiki is, by her own account, a skilled gambler; she states that she hasn't lost at slots and is great at mahjong.[18]
  • She can only write up to L in the English alphabet.[23]
  • When possessed by Tadakatsu, she is able to defeat both Akemi and Satomi in shogi (but is no match for someone on the level of Kaneda Suekichi).[24]


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