Sakaguchi Mei is a famous professional cosplayer and recent member of the Silverman Gym.


Mei is a relatively small and petite woman, with mid-length pink hair and beige/purple-coloured eyes. Being 157cm she is one of the smallest characters in the series.


She is very manipulative with others as she wants to become big.


Mei debuted at an event where Yuria Riko was supposed to be the star and stole the show.


Mei wants to work in the entertainment business. She intends to use Sakura Ibuki to achieve this goal.


Physical Abilities


  • Sakura Ibuki: She seeks to use him to increase her popularity.
  • Yuria Riko (a.k.a. Tachibana Satomi): She is unknowingly the rival of Satomi as they are both cosplayers and Mei is currently more popular than Satomi is. They are both also rivals of Sakura Ibuki's affections. Mei appears to be unaware that Satomi is Yuria Riko.

Notes & Trivia

  • She is the smallest female character in the series at 157cm.
  • She is more popular than Yuria Riko in the world of cosplay.


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