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Sakaguchi Mei (坂口 めい, Sakaguchi Mei; "Mei Sakaguchi") is a famous professional cosplayer, in that she belongs to an entertainment company,[3] and recent member of the Silverman Gym.


Mei is a relatively small and petite woman, with cutesy features, mid-length pink hair and beige/purple-coloured eyes. As a professional cosplayer, she wears a variety of often raunchy attire when she is, though she wears much more conservative clothes in normal environments.

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She is very manipulative with others, as her dream is to become big in the entertainment industry.[3] She has preconceived notions on how to achieve her goals, and has a boldness and willingness to expose herself [to risks] in order to do so.[4] Like the other women in the series, she gets angry about quips about her age.[1]


Having previously been active as an indie pop star (gaining mild success) and then doing some gravure modelling,[4] Mei ended up debuting at an event (where Yuria Riko had planned to be the star) and stole the show with an even raunchier outfit than Yuria's, greatly boosting her popularity and earning a sponsorship contract in the process.[3]


Mei intended to boost her popularity at the Muscle King Decision Battle in the women's division. However, in the first round, she completely loses to Gina Boyd, Soryuin Akemi and Uehara Ayaka, scuppering her plans. Procuring, the information out of Deire Kutaro, she ended up visiting and subsequently joining Silverman Gym.

She discovers Satomi is Yuria after Satomi accidentally rats herself out.


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  • Yuria Riko: She is unknowingly the rival of Satomi as they are both cosplayers and Mei is currently more popular than Satomi is. They are both also rivals of Sakura Ibuki's affections (for differing reasons). Mei was unaware that Satomi is Yuria Riko, until Satomi accidentally ratted herself out.[5] Despite being rivals, they like to hang out sometimes, like at Christmas parties.
  • Gina Boyd: Gina is a massive fan of hers. She is incredibly creeped out by Gina's stalker like tendencies though respects Gina's abilities.[1]
  • Sakura Hibiki: She hopes to use Hibiki to get to Sakura Ibuki since they're siblings.[4][1]
  • Deire Kutaro: She works with him to improve her career,

Notes & Trivia

  • She is more popular than Yuria Riko in the world of cosplay.
  • Mei was in the track team when she was in school.[4]
  • She is the smallest female character in the series at 157cm.