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Reioji Ai (霊王寺 藍, Reiōji Ai; "Ai Reioji") is a 3rd-year student from Kikuo Girls' Academy (菊皇女学園, Kikuō Jo-Gakuen) and Soryuin Akemi's self-proclaimed rival.[2]


Reioji is a distinguished looking young lady with long white hair, semi-circular kitsune-esque eyebrows and ruby-coloured eyes. She is almost always seen with a demented leer on her face.

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She is an obsessive individual, with frightening stalker tendencies; she is transfixed with getting revenge on Soryuin Akemi. Her stalker tendencies rival Hoshina Eimi, who is equally as obsessed with Akemi (for different reasons).


Two years prior, back in junior high, Reioji was the best in sports and activities, her club and school's ace. However, at national competitions, she encountered Soryuin Akemi who proceeded to dominate her in every sport. As a result, she became obsessed with defeating Akemi, but couldn't find her, until Akemi debuted as an idol.[2]


After Akemi and the other girls are coming to Kyoto, she shows up to challenge Akemi.


Physical Abilities

Much like Soryuin Akemi, Reioji is apparently a sporting polymath, being quite competent in a range of sporting activities, including but not limited to: volleyball, football, judo and boxing.[2] However, she pales in comparison to Akemi herself.


  • Soryuin Akemi: Reioji's self-proclaimed rival, she has an unhealthy obsession with proving her superiority over Akemi after the latter crushed her in a series of sports and activities two years prior. Funnily enough, Akemi doesn't recall who she is.[2]
  • Hoshina Eimi: Another girl who stalks Akemi. They compete for her attention.

Notes & Trivia

  • She is from Kyoto.