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Ozu Toshio (小津 俊夫, Odzu Toshio; "Toshio Ozu") is an Associate Professor of English Literature in the Department of English Literature at the Koyo Women's University.


Ozu is an extremely muscular and powerful looking man with tanned skin, sharp powerful facial features, a confident grin, small eyes and slicked down black hair that is parted in the middle.

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Ozu has an outwardly enthusiastic and powerful air about him, and is an avid fan of working out to build muscle.


Soryuin Akemi, Sakura Hibiki and Uehara Ayaka learn how to perform exercises that can be done at home by reading/watching his self-made guides.

Notes & Trivia

  • His role in Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru? is expanded in the anime adaptation, with the girls watching a video to learn exercises whereas they read it from his book in the manga.[1]
    • His book, "Read With Muscle! Specific Component Training Dictionary", is apparently quite popular with trainers.[1]
  • Ozu Toshio is a character who originally appeared in Sandrovich's other work Kengan Ashura.