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Jason Sgatham (ジェイソン・スゲエサム, Jeison Sugeesamu; "Jason Sgatham") is Harnnold Dogegenchonegger's secretary.


Jason looks much like the Background Machos with an impressive musculature and a bald head, except that he has blue eyes and two distinct scars on his head, one on the right side of his head and one running over his left eye. Jason is almost always just wearing black Speedos, regardless of where he is.

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Jason is a very enthusiastic individual, both for working out and in general. He has a perverted side, something which he bonds over with Deire Kutaro.


After the Harnnold Classic bodybuilding contest, Jason came back to Japan on Harnnold Dogegenchonegger's orders to help Machio Naruzo with his training.

He one got stuck on a boat with Deire and nearly dies but is saved, (by a passing boat in the manga and by Harnnold in the anime).


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