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Hoshina Eimi (星奈 えいみ, Hoshina Eimi; "Eimi Hoshina") is a 2nd-year student who goes to Koyo Girl's Academy and the student council vice-president.


Eimi is a tall, slim girl with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very intimidating, sporting a scowl or overall threatening look on her face. Her posture matches her overall servitude as she is both reserved and formal.

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Eimi is an abrasive girl, very direct in her speech and intentions, easily described as a delinquent in nature due to readily threatening violence. She is extremely loud, often shouting her demands and opinions.[1] She is also desperately clingy towards Akemi due to her admitted devotion and love for her and is explicitly noted as a stalker.[2] This is further exaggerated by her completely possessive feelings for Akemi, becoming instantly enraged at anyone who dares to malign her or spend any time with her. Conversely, she is completely unable to tell Akemi any of this directly as she is terrified to confess to her. It is also in her nature to show her standard, passive face, though the rest of her body will shake uncontrollably when afraid.[3]



Eimi is introduced as the student council secretary after Hibiki is asked to attend a representatives' meeting. Before Akemi gets the chance to introduce her, Eimi demands that Hibiki minds her manners and not to speak poorly around Akemi. She begins questioning Hibiki about her relationship with Akemi, stating her status as "Akemi's right hand" and then immediately following up her queries with loud outrage while claiming only she deserves any Akemi's time and attention.[1]

She reappears taking remedial classes with Hibiki amd Ayaka after failing every subject.

When Reioji Ai arrives at Koyo Girls' Academy as Kikuo Girls' Academy's student representative and begins challenging Akemi, Eimi becomes furious and instantly confronts Reioji. Screaming that Akemi is hers only, she rebukes Reioji and threatens death to keep her away. Matsuda Kei intervenes and suggests the girls hold a tire flipping competition with Akemi's sole-attention as the reward (against Akemi's permission). They both fail as the tires were too heavy.[2]

She is recruited into a basketball team by Hibiki and their friends.

She joins Akemi's newly formed muscle club.[4]


Eimi is implied to have below-average intelligence due to her "failing basically every subject" and her attendance in a supplementary/remedial class alongside Hibiki and Ayaka.[3]

Physical Abilities


  • Soryuin Akemi: She is a tsundere Akemi-stalker.
  • Sakura Hibiki: Though extremely confrontational upon introduction, Eimi becomes friendly with her and Ayaka after their shared remedial course.[3]
  • Uehara Ayaka: Unable to be threatening toward Ayaka, she is easily subdued and literally beaten. Eimi becomes friendly with Ayaka after their remedial course ends.[3]
  • Reioji Ai: Violently confrontational rivals for Akemi's attention.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Eimi owns a 400cc+ class motorcycle license, shown driving a twin-cam Harley-Davidson after school ends.[3]
  • She is the tallest female character at 175cm.[5]


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