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Harnnold Dogegenchonegger (ハーンノルド・ドゲゲンチョネッガー, Hānnorudo Dogegenchoneggā; "Harnnold Dogegenchonegger") is a movie star whom Hibiki and Ayaka are huge fans of.[1] He mentored Machio Naruzo in the USA, and raised him into a bodybuilder so that eventually they could compete.[2]


Harnnold is a very tall and imposing individual. He sports an even bigger muscular physique than Machio and the background machos. He has dark brown hair with hazelnut-coloured eyes. He is often seen with his dark sunglasses, black leather jacket, dark green t-shirt, black trousers with a dark belt.

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He is a usually stern and serious man, but has his ridiculous moments. He has little shame and attempted to board a plane wearing only Speedos.


He appeared like a meteor in the American film world and became a symbol of the age. The super high-powered action from his hulking macho body charmed not only muscle-loving American audiences but the entire world.[3] He has appeared in such title including:

  • Last Action Predator[3]
  • Conan the Red Bull[3]
  • Twin Cops[3]
  • Seven Commandos franchise[1]

At some point Harnnold encountered Machio Naruzo when the latter was in the USA at university, and took him under his wing in the world of bodybuilding.[3]


After seeing Machio Naruzo on TV, he went to Japan to see him. There, he tested Machio's growth by having him close a special set of hand grips that only 100 people in the world could close with a single hand. With Machio easily crushing the hand grips, Harnnold invited Machio to take part in a bodybuilding contest in the USA.

In the USA, at the contest, Harnnold encountered Soryuin Akemi, Sakura Hibiki and Gina Boyd and brought them to the VIP area to watch the contest with him. Explaining how bodybuilding contests worked, they all watched as Machio dominated and took the victory with his divine machismo. Afterwards, with Machio understanding that the tournament was actually just another test, Harnnold confirmed his assumption and revealed his intention to wage war with all of his nurtured students.


Physical Abilities

Harnnold gives off an intense machismo that overwhelms all around him, even if he is just standing around.[1]

He crushed a customized aluminium dumbbell with one hand[4] and effortlessly carried Ayaka, Hibiki and Akemi over his shoulders all at once.


  • Machio Naruzo: Machio is one of his bodybuilding students. They lost contact with each other after separate incidents where their phones were destroyed.[3] The two plan to compete against each other one day.

Trivia & Notes

  • The anime adaptation sub renamed him "Barnold Shortsinator" for an unknown reason.
  • The Japanese nickname for Harnnold is "Doge-chan" (ドゲちゃん).[3]
  • He has nurtured many bodybuilding students, all for the purpose of having a grand contest with an equal.[2]
  • He is the lead actor of the "Seven Commandos" movie series.[1]
  • Harnnold Dogegenchonegger is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous movie actor, and bodybuilder.