This is an episode list of the Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.

List of Episodes

Episode Title Date
01Why Don't You Try Strength Training? July 3, 2019
02Why Don’t You Have Some Protein? July 10, 2019
03Sensei's on a Diet, Too? July 17, 2019
04Did You Have a Nice Summer? July 24, 2019
05What's Your Sports Day Event? July 31, 2019
06Want a New Rival? August 7, 2019
07Want to Be an Idol? August 14, 2019
08What If We Get Lost? August 21, 2019
09Have You Seen God Before? August 28, 2019
10Do You Like Christmas? September 4, 2019
11How Are You Spending New Years? September 11, 2019
12How Heavy Are the Barbells You Lift? September 18, 2019


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