Want to Be an Idol? is the seventh episode of the Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? anime.



At school, Hibiki tells Ayaka and Gina that she was surprised to find out the day before that Gina is staying with her. When asked where she learned Japanese from, Gina reveals that she learned from watching anime. She also reveals that she watched Jackie Chan movies in order to understand Japanese culture.

After school, Gina is shocked to find out that the gym is closed for the day. Hibiki decides to invite Akemi, Ayaka and Gina to her part-time job. Once they arrive there, she reveals that she works at her brother's yakiniku restaurant. After her break is over with, Hibiki complains about her gym and food expenses. Akemi then tells her that she can ask the school to cover her gym expenses since her sister is the chairman.

The next day, Satomi is teaching the class when Gina realises that she's the famous cosplayer "Yuria Riko". Later that day, Gina hangs out with Satomi and suggests that they jog to Akihabara. When Satomi asks Gina why she wants to go there, she reveals that she wants to form an idol group!

At an idol audition, Deire Kutaro, the director, complains about how lacklustre and boring it is until Hibiki, Akemi, Ayaka, Satomi and Gina show up. Despite the fact that they have captivated the audience, which includes a moment where Satomi does a deadlift, they don't make the cut.

Machio's Muscle Lessons

How to do a Deadlift

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades and straighten your back.
  • Keep the centre of gravity in your glutes.
  • Lift while keeping the back straight.


How to do Lateral Raises

  • Hold a dumbbell or something of reasonable weight in each hand
  • Spread your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend forward slightly.
  • Slowly raise your arms horizontally.
  • Make sure you avoid moving the shoulder blade.


Notes & Trivia


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