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Want a New Rival? is the sixth episode of the Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? anime.



On her way to the Silverman Gym, Hibiki sees a sale for a home theater system however, she can't afford it. At the gym, Hibiki, Akemi and Ayaka see a poster promoting an arm wrestling tournament, which has a grand prize of ¥100,000. When Hibiki asks Machio about the tournament, he reveals that it's for gym members only. He suggests that they all should enter. Setting up a table, Machio explains the rules of arm wrestling. In the first match, against everyone's expectations, Hibiki easily defeats Ayaka. Akemi was about to challenge her next until Machio stepped up and challenged her instead. Despite obviously overpowering Hibiki with his strength, he notes that he had to get a little serious.

On the day of the tournament, Hibiki finds out that there are only two people competing in the women's division: herself and a Russian named Gina Boyd. Despite being one of the best Russian arm wrestlers for her class, the match ends with Hibiki easily defeating Gina.

Several days later, Gina transfers to Hibiki's school vowing to take revenge, which surprises Hibiki, Akemi and Ayaka. Later, Akemi asks Gina about what kind of training she did at the Moscow branch of Silverman Gym. Gina reveals that she mostly took Sambo classes and also that she did arm wrestling as a hobby. She is then asked if she does any strength training and Gina tells them that she does kipping. After school, Akemi asks Gina if she's going to the gym with them. She tells Akemi that she can't because she's meeting her host family. Later that night, Hibiki arrives at her home when she notices a pair of shoes. She soon realises that Gina is staying with her.

Machio's Muscle Lessons

How to Arm Wrestle

Arm Wrestling form.png

  • Grip peg with non dominant hand.
  • Keep shoulders parallel.
  • Elbow centered with body.
  • Stomach touches table.
  • Dominant leg forward.

This is proper form and lets you use all of your body’s strength more efficiently!

Gina's Lessons

Arm Wrestling Techniques

Hook Roll

You hook your wrist around the opponent’s and cover it from above. It’s a technique most suited for players who use brute force.

Top Roll

By yanking the opponent’s thumb, you drag their body towards you, throwing them off balance. It makes it harder for them to stabilise and easier for you to win, even if you’re weaker.

Notes & Trivia