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Sensei's on a Diet, Too? is the third episode of the Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? anime.



Tachibana Satomi and Aina Rumika are teachers at Koyo Girl's Academy and Satomi thinks she's gained weight. In response, Aina gives her a pamphlet to try the Silverman Gym. When she arrives at the gym, she notices that Hibiki and Akemi are there as well. Akemi talks to Satomi about exercising, but she doesn't get what Akemi is saying. Machio introduces himself to Satomi and instructs her to use the dumbbells. During the training, Akemi notices that Satomi has a tan mark on her stomach and Hibiki wants to tease her, but Machio stops them.

At school, Hibiki, Akemi and Ayaka are having lunch. Here, Ayaka finds out that Hibiki and Akemi are working out at the same gym. When they comment about their bentos, Akemi convinces Hibiki to try a certain diet.

At a cosplay convention, Satomi is cosplaying and posing until she sees Hibiki and Akemi. However, they don't notice her as they spot Machio cosplaying at the event as well. The photographers who were taking pictures of her quickly focus their attention on Machio instead, who is cosplaying as the Muscle King from the manga "Lifts with the Straight Bar". Machio performs scenes from the manga while Satomi is comically the only person who has no idea what the manga is. After the convention, as Satomi is heading home, the trio notices her, with Hibiki believing that she bought dōjinshi. At her house, Satomi still wonders who Machio was cosplaying as.

Machio's Muscle Lessons

How to Perform a Bicep Curl

Bicep curls.png

  • Relax your shoulders, feet about shoulder-width apart and let your shoulders relax.
  • Lift the dumbbell up towards your body, bending only at the elbow.
    • When you lift the dumbbell, make sure you don’t swing your elbows back and forth. “Cheating” with momentum reduces the stress on your biceps.
  • Add supination, i.e. rotations, to work your biceps more effectively.
  • When lowering the dumbbell, don’t completely extend your elbow.


How to Perform a Front Press

Front press warning.png

  • Hold the bar from above with an overhand grip.
  • Position it just above your collarbone.
  • Chest squared, elbows out front.
  • Don’t completely extend your elbows when lifting the bar.
  • Lower the bar and return to your original position.
  • Avoid bending your upper back or you might hurt your lower back!


  • Trains the shoulder muscles, in particular the deltoids.

Notes & Trivia

  • Efficient workouts and proper form, not weight, matter most in weight training.
  • At the convention, Machio cosplays as the Muscle King from the famous fictional series "Lifts with the Straight Bar". This is an obvious parody of the manga Fist of the North Star.