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Why Don’t You Have Some Protein? is the second episode of the Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru? anime.



At the gym, Hibiki weighs herself and notices that she's still gained weight. She asks Machio for advice to lose weight. Akemi tells Hibiki to try the Lat Pulldown Machine. After using it, they visit the gym's bar and Akemi offers Hibiki more protein.

The next day, Akemi convinces Hibiki to go to the swimming pool to get some exercise where she teaches Hibiki about stretching. Later, at Ayaka's house, Hibiki and Ayaka are watching an action movie. Just as they are about watch more movies, Ayaka's sister asks her to help her out with the family business and bring Hibiki along too. To Hibiki's surprise, she finds out that Ayaka's family owns a boxing gym. Ayaka's sister reveals that their dad taught them how to box and they serve as the coaches when he isn't there. When Ayaka stops to rest for a moment, Hibiki notices her physique and asks about how she works out. Ayaka tells her about some of the exercises that she does. Afterwards, Ayaka's sister suggests that Hibiki should try the punching bag. To the shock of everyone present, Hibiki smashes the punching bag in a single hit, with Ayaka's sister comically mentioning that she would take Hibiki to the top.

Machio's Muscle Lessons

Akemi's teres major muscle & latissimus dorsi.jpg

How to perform Lat Pulldown

  • Bring the bar to your chest and in front of your neck, and lean back while doing so.
  • Slowly return to the original position with controlled movements and without losing grip.
  • You can use your back muscles more efficiently by deliberately squeezing your shoulder blades together.


  • Improves your teres major and latissimus dorsi muscles.

Akemi's Lessons

What do to before working out

Stretch Danger.png

  • Stretching before training is mostly useless and can have some negative effects.(note) When you are stretching your body before it’s warmed up, you have a chance to end up hurting your tendons and joints. There are even some researchers who say that if you stretch for more than 45 seconds, your muscle strength could decrease by an average of 5.5%. Not only that, but your explosive muscular performance and jumping power could also be decreased by about 3%. That is why it is better to do dynamic stretching: stretches that move the limbs, warm up the body, and improve muscle flexibility.

Some Dynamic Stretches

  • Forwards and backwards shoulder circles (stretches the muscles around the shoulder joint).

    Don't forget to stretch in loose clothes.

    • Same as above but with the elbows bent (stretches the deltoids).
  • Side bends (stretches the obliques.
  • Toe touches (stretches the hamstrings).
  • Chest stretches.
  • Hip swing stretches.
  • Radio calisthenics.

Ayaka's Lessons

How to perform Dragon Flags

(This is not recommended for beginners because it is one of the harder core exercises and needs your body in top physical form in order to do it.)

  • Lie down on your back and have something to hold onto behind you.
  • Slowly lift up your hips and legs and put your weight onto your shoulders.
  • Make a straight line with your lower body and your torso and keep them together.
  • Keep the weight on your shoulders and upper back, only those touch the ground.
  • The moment you've raised your lower body up, wait for some time and then slowly lower it back to the ground.
  • Don't touch the ground and stay parallel above it as you tighten your core.


  • Improves your entire torso.

How to perform Planks

  • Assume a position similar to a push-up, supporting your body with your elbows and toes.
  • Keep your elbows at 90°, keep the chin tucked and tighten your abs.
  • Maintain this pose until you can't hold it any longer.


Notes & Trivia


  • Extreme dieting with a lack of nutrients will cause a loss of weight but also a loss of muscle mass. If you go back to your usual diet after such an extreme one, there will be a "rebound": this means that because of your temporarily lowered metabolism, it will be harder to lose weight because the body isn't used to burning such a high amount of calories.
  • Metabolism is the reaction of your body burning calories in your body when you do nothing.
  • Static stretching before exercise is advised against and can have negative effects. When you are statically stretching your body before it’s warmed up, you have a chance to end up hurting your tendons and joints. Dynamic stretching is an effective way of stretching before exercise.
  • Radio calisthenics can be a form of dynamic stretching.
  • Gaolang Wongsawat makes a cameo appearance.