Why Don't You Try Strength Training? is the first episode of the Danberu Nan-Kiro Moteru? anime.



Sakura Hibiki and Uehara Ayaka are walking home from Koyo Girl's Academy when Ayaka notices that Hibiki has gained weight and suggests that she should go on a diet. After she weighs herself, a horrified Hibiki decides to go on a diet. A week later, she heads to the Silverman Gym. When the receptionist guides her inside the gym, Hibiki notices that Soryuin Akemi, who's from the same school as her, wants to join too. They look at one of the training rooms and notice that all of the members are buff, which causes Akemi to instantly join. When Machio Naruzo, one of the trainers, introduces himself to Hibiki, she joins as well.

The next day, Machio instructs them to try the bench press. Hibiki tires out, but Akemi is able to lift it. Hibiki goes to relax when Machio comforts her. Suddenly, he poses and she notices that he has a buffed up figure. At night, Akemi thinks that it's nice to have a training partner with Hibiki. At school, Hibiki's sore from the gym and Ayaka notices that Hibiki's still gaining weight. Later, Machio instructs Hibiki to try doing squats. After training, Akemi notices that Hibiki likes to eat. When Hibiki reveals how much she eats per day, Akemi states how amazing Hibiki is and how she want them to become strong and macho together.

Machio's Muscle Lessons

How to perform a Bench Press

  • ​​​Keep your eyes just under the bar.
    Bench press, Abdominal pressure

    Remember to tighten your abdominal muscle during the movement!

  • Squeeze your shoulder blades together, and let your back form a small arch.
  • Make sure to use the safety rack next to you!
  • Slowly lower the bar as you breathe in, then exhale as you push upward in one go.
  • One bench press consists of this series of movements.


How to Perform a Half-Squat

  • For half-squats, lower your hips and inhale until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor. It should look like you're lowering your butt, not bending your knees.
  • Exhale as you stand up, but be careful and don't hyper-extend your knees.


Akemi's quads & hamstrings

Akemi's hamstrings and quadriceps femoris

Notes & Trivia

  • People who only focus on training their upper body and neglect their lower body are called "Chicken legs".


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