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Deire Kutaro (出入 苦多朗, Deire Kutarō; "Kutaro Deire") is a TV director who works for Muji TV.[1]


Deire is a very skinny man with sharp facial features, side-parted blonde hair, a small tuft of stubble on his chin. He wears rectangular rimless glasses and usually wears a casual director-esque attire.

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Deire is an opportunist and a schemer, often working towards any goal that will give huge TV ratings. He also has a perverted side to him, which comes out in its fullest whenever he is with Jason Sgatham.



Deire was first seen as one of the judges at an idol competition he was directing. Bored with the normal idols performing, he was left shocked when "The Dumb-Belles" took to the stage and starting performing exercises, culminating in a deadlift. Despite the girls bringing much excitement, Deire reasoned that idols had to be normal and they were disqualified anyway.


Deire is a very weak man, physically. He is, however, very willing to engage in physical activity to improve himself and potentially strengthen his career workload. Seemingly rare, he is one of the few characters that can identify Toyoda Tadakatsu as a ghost (alongside Hibiki and Machio).


  • Jason Sgatham: He has struck up a very good camaraderie with Jason, with the two often thinking up pervy schemes together.
  • Sakaguchi Mei: Mei works with Deire to improve her career.
  • All cast: He refers to all his acquaintances very casually, placing the "-chan" or "-san" suffix as a prefix instead and then referring to them only by the first syllable (or two) of their formal name. For example: "Chan-J" refers to Jason Sgatham, "San-Sa" refers to Sakura Hibiki, and "Chan-Machi" refers to Machio Naruzo.
    • Incidentally, Hibiki and Gina are the only characters to respond-in-kind, referring to him as "Chandy" or "Chan-D."[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Prior to visiting Silverman Gym, Deire had never played a sport before.[1]
  • The kanji on his gym tank-top, 弱者 (jakusha), translates as "weakling".