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Chest Flys & Rear Delts is the ninety-third chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



The adult girls decide to train their chests and shoulders...until Yakusha accidentally sits on Jason's lap. Yakusha precedes to strangle Jason, until Jason explains it was an accident.

Jason then tells the girls about chest machines.

Exercise Learned

This chapter focuses on using the chest fly machine for chest and shoulder-related exercises.


  • Jason had been holding a pose since Chapter 88 (5 chapters), until Kure-sensei sat on him accidentally.
  • Kure Karla and Yakusha's son Sarla and husband Hanjiro cameo in this chapter. Yakusha mentions they are on a business trip, meaning an assassination job.
  • Yakusha is seen using Removal for the first time.