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Farmer's Walk is the eighty-eighth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Silverman Gym is hosting a contest where everyone's invited to see who can lose the most body fat percentage in a given number of weeks, and the competition is amassing! Hibiki and Satomi are teaming up to keep each other motivated, since it's easy to give up when the going gets tough... but the "going" is certainly not going well. Jason Sgatham poses the opportunity for the girls to head to Daisen Temple; a shrine in the mountains known for its relentless, but effective, training.

Sure enough, monks Daiei, Hokuei, and the high preiest Eiei great Hibiki and Satomi and introduce them to some training that might suit them. Although, not all the trials and tribulations seem fit for some girls looking for weight loss...and the monks seem oddly familiar compared to Jason, another trial and tribulation itself!

And so the girls return to Koyo Girls' Academy after a weekend of training, but what's the result!?

Exercise Learned

The exercise in this chapter are farmer's walks which are is a style of training that focuses on grip strength by holding the heaviest weight possible, equally on both sides, and walking as far as possible. It trains the entire body, focusing on grip strength, shoulder strength, quadriceps, calves, and any muscle group that assists in maintaining upright balance.


  • Hokuei, Daiei and Eiei also appeared in Kengan Asura [1] where they assisted training Kuroki Gensai.
    • Hokuei and Daiei also appear in Kengan Omega[2] under the pseudonym "Mad Monks," discussed as a frighteningly strong pair of fighters, renowned by the Kure clan.
  • This is the first appearance of Jason's "posing as gym equipment" jokes. Something Machio has already been shown to do, but not limited to gym equipment. It's also shown that Eiei, the 105-year-old high priest practices that same mimickry: the possible source for teaching both characters given Jason's time spent at Daisen Temple and Machio's own role as a shrine priest.
    • During Jason's time at Daisen Temple, he's given the name "Jei" and accepted into the monastic group. Many of Jason's quips and characteristics seem present from this group.
  • Daisen Temple's introduction is identical wording to Kengan Asura's introduction of Daisen Temple. This is also true for when introducing the "Purgatory Austerity" rite.
  • Eiei referring to the girls as "Puyo poyo Lasses" is a joke based on the video game Puyo Puyo resembling Tetris. The game is based around creating patterns from formless blobs.