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Obliques is the eighty-third chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Famous cosplayer Yuria Riko arrives at swimsuit-edition photoshoot for the magazine Cosplay Bitch only to find her student Russia-tei Xорошо has been invited as well. But even though Gina knows of Tachibana's cosplay endeavors, another friend who is unaware of that hidden life makes her appearance at the photoshoot, Sakaguchi Mei, and she cannot discover Tachibana's secret identity!

How can she keep this secret!? Can Gina be trusted to not let the truth slip!? Are the girls really sexy during this erotic photoshoot!?!

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter are side planks to train the obliques.


  • Tachibana hiding herself with a wrestling mask and Mei's comment on it being "The Destroyer" is a reference to Dick Beyer, a very well-respected and famous professional wrestler in Japan
  • Gina performing her warm-up dance, dojo sukui, is a traditional folk dance in Japan. Meaning "loach-scooping" it's very similar to the cossack dance Gina is known for.
  • Gina's cosplay name "Russia-tei Xорошо" is both a play on 亭 suffix associated with some stage performers and the song by Moldovan group O-ZONE Dragostea Din Tei which became a internet viral sensation known as The Numa Numa Song.
  • When Gina mentions a "famous soccer player named Xорошо," Mei mistakes that name as "Xорошоn."
    • The pronunciation of Xорошо in Japanese is harasho, so Mei's mistaken Xорошоn of harashon sounds similar to Swedish soccer player Henrik Larsson.