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Acupressure is the eighty-second chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Koyo Girls' Academy's Remedial Lesson shed, "The Island," supplementary courses for less-than-diligent students. Hibiki and Ayaka ditched class last chapter calling for some extra-curricular punishment. Seems student council vice president Hoshina Eimi is floundering in her studies, too. As Kure-sensei is in charge of the class, the girls don't seem particularly relaxed in this academic setting. Hibiki and Ayaka remember some more obscure training to help relieve their stress and improve focus: acupressure.

As the school-day ends, Hibiki, Ayaka and Eimi seem to have grown a little closer together, though the chapter ends with more and more of Eimi's eccentricities piling on as she rides off into the sunset.

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter are acupressure management, which manages physiological symptoms through pressure applied to nerve centers around the body. This is more a form of "alternative medicine" than exercise training.


  • The external shed where the remedial lessons are given, nicknamed "The Island" is a reference to the 2005 film of the same name
    • Incidentally, the plot of The Island is an action-thriller based around the ethics of cloning humans for organ harvesting; a growing topic other works by Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?'s author Sandrovich.
  • Hoshina Eimi's motorcycle, a chopper, is a popular custom-style with "hardcore" types known for their radical size and extremely loud engine roar, common among most choppers.
    • Given the loud roar of the engine, Eimi's chopper is certainly over 50cc and more likely over 400cc displacement (as is common with the Harley-Davidson twin-cam or the Honda's 750cc 4-cylinder), which means she certainly has an "ordinary" (普通) motorcycle driving license, which permits 16-year-old drivers. But she could also have a "heavy" (大型) motorcycle driving license which requires her to be at least 18-years-old, which implies a variety of other unknown attributes about Eimi (such as illegal vehicle operation or being held back at least one year given her status as a 2nd year student).