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Pike Press is the eighty-first chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Doge-chan is back in Japan! This time, filming a movie...at Koyo Girls' Academy! Hibiki and Ayaka ditch class and call an emergency movie-maniacs meeting to peep in on the filmshoot. Unfortunately, the site's off-limits and the windows are difficult to see into. Though the teachers notice the girls are gone and class resumes, Akemi notices them performing calisthenics as a means to get a better angle.

Eventually, the girls get discovered and the day comes to a close. But the next day leads to repercussions for their previous misdeeds for skipping class...

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter is the pike press, which primarily trains the deltoids and triceps muscles, in the form of body-weight calisthenics exercises.


  • The movie Doge-chan is filming is titled "True Side Raise." A parody on the 1994 Schwarzenegger film "True Lies".
  • The sfx of "DOGEN GEN GE GEN" surrounding the restricted zone sign is a reference to the opening march of the Terminator 2: Judgement Day theme by Brad Fiedel.
  • Tachibana-sensei, the world history teacher, is holding a class on what is supposed to be a reference to Ariq Böke of the 13th century Mongolian empire, though the chalkboard mentions the Japanese Pride MMA fighting group.
    • The joke continues as Gina reads from their textbook about "Emperor" Fedor and his fight with Fujita in June 2003.
  • Doge-chan's appearance in a Playboy bunny costume is a joke on Schwarzenegger's many over-the-top costumes in his action films that contrasted, humorously, with the gritty conflict on-screen such as in Last Action Hero, Conan the Barbarian, and Jingle All the Way.
  • This chapter also adds a small call-back to Aina-sensei's past as a school-delinquent in her high-school years.