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Dumbbell Curl is the eighth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



At Koyo Girl's Academy, Tachibana Satomi tells her colleague that she is gaining weight, but her colleague doesn't notice. Her colleague gives Satomi an advert sheet of Silverman Gym and tells her to try it out. Satomi worries she might see students at the gym, but she is reassured by her colleague saying "no high school girl would ever go to a gym".

After school Hibiki and Akemi decide to go to the gym. In the locker room Satomi is shocked to see Hibiki and Akemi there as she would have never thought that they would get along. Because of the students, Satomi doesn't seem to be interested in joining the gym anymore until she meets Machio. Machio asks Satomi if she had done any exercise in the past and she replied that she had tried calisthenics but stopped due to the pain in the muscles that she had worked on. Machio then tells to focus on muscles that aren't in pain and that today they would do "dumbbell curls". Machio also explains that working out isn't about the weight you can lift but "efficiency with perfect form" (as it is common amongst men to ego lift). Akemi then notices Satomi has a diamond tan mark on her belly button and questions where she got it. They come to the conclusion it is from a weird swimsuit she wore. However, Machio inadvertently covers for her and they drop it.

After finishing at the gym and the girls head home, Satomi breathes a sigh of relief as it revealed the tan mark was from a costume and Satomi is a cosplayer.

Exercise Learned

The exercise that is focused on in this chapter are bicep curls using dumbbells.