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Reverse-Grip Push-Ups is the seventy-eighth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



It's the end-of-the year and Silverman Gym is hosting a "Hidden Talent Show" for its members to showcase some special performances. Machio parades as the masters of ceremony, Gina and Ayaka pair up for song & dance, Tachibana & Aina & Kure-senseis put on a show, Jason & Tadakatsu perform some magic, Mei's act is too scandalous to be shown, Hibiki & Akemi's talent is hidden comedy all while Director Deire & the background machos act as judges for the prize.

As the competition ends, Akemi and Hibiki reminisce about the year past and grow closer with promises to remain friends well into the future. But the party doesn't stop their when more and more show up at the year-end party to keep things going! Is this the final chapter of the series!? (It's not.)

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter is the reverse-grip push-up performed by changing hand position to stimulate different areas in your upper torso.


  • The "Majestic Majoris" photo book is a parody on "Majestic Morocco" and other coffee table poto books.
  • The song Ayaka plays on her recorder is "Коробе́йники" or "The Peddlers." Famous in the west as the Tetris song "A-Type."
  • When the senseis perform their act as the "Moe Mentors," it's a direct reference to the costume appearances at Tachibana's winter party[1].
  • Jason & Tadakatsu's act take on the name 不沈艦 or "The Unsinkable Battleships" which is the nickname for American pro-wrestler Stan Hansen when wrestling in Japan.
  • Mei's burlesque costume, while relatively unremarkable compared to other BDSM dominatrix outfits, gains a small bit more attention with the German "Allegemeine" officer visor cap as a reference to Mel Brooks' single "To Be or Not To Be" which features a burlesque troupe of dancers.


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