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Macho the Gathering is the seventy-seventh chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Silverman Gym is hosting a Macho the Gathering tournament where Gina and Akemi are participating with the support of Hibiki, Ayaka and Tachibana-sensei (who know nothing of the card game). After some brief introduction to the rules, some snapshots of the girls' duels with other background machos and the growing popularity of the game with the cheering audience, Gina and Akemi win their way to the finals.

After some small training to pass time before the final duel, Gina and Akemi start their face-off. Who will win this tense bout? Can they change their destiny with their deck? It's time for g-g-g-gains!

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter is pinch grip by using any number of grip-strength devices to improve the power and control of pressing fingers together.


  • The card game "Macho the Gathering" is based on Magic: The Gathering and Kazuki Takahashi's Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series.
    • Not only are the cards very similar in appearance to both games, throughout the chapter the girls begin taking on the same style as Yu-Gi-Oh! the more and more interested they become as the tournament progresses, eventually leading to all the characters' change in appearance.
  • Gina's trap card, DOMS, is the recovery stage for muscles healing after workout.
  • Akemi's summon card "BB Dorian" is a direct reference to English bodybuilder Dorian Yates.
  • Akemi's final summon card "Big Furry Machio" is a direct reference to the Magic: The Gathering card "Big Furry Monster"; a rare and difficult card to summon due to its pairing pre-requisite, but among the most powerful (and largest) monsters in a deck.