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Forearm Training is the seventy-sixth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



After the girls return back from their Kyoto school-trip, we see what was going on at the Silverman Gym in their absence.

Director Deire is filming a tv-movie period drama inside the gym called "The Story Behind the Curtain" with Mei in a leading role. Jason, Tadakatsu and the background machos also appear as extras. Despite period-dramas normally being stage productions for drama, the entire film seems to be filled with anachronisms and weightlifting instead. Despite the eccentricity of the show, it seems to be helping promote Deire's job and launch Mei's career.

Exercise Learned

The exercises focused on in this chapter are radial flexions of the forearm with weighted-tip dumbbells under the guise of sword training.


  • Murobochi Gozo's name appears as the villain in this period-drama.
  • The narration at the end of this chapter hints that Mei's role in this movie is the starting point of her established fame as an actress.