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Calisthenics: Lat Pull-Downs is the seventy-fifth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Tachibana-sensei and Aina-sensei take their 2nd day in the Kyoto field-trip for themselves by renting a car and driving to a nearby shrine to pray for some family-building blessings. The ride is a little longer and more strenuous than expected, causing Aina to need some help loosening her cramped shoulders and back. After finally reaching their destination, the blessings seem a little askew...

With day 2 finished, Hibiki, Akemi and Ayaka meet in the lobby as Gina asks about Tachibana-sensei's whereabouts for a planned cosplay-photoshoot, to her chagrin. Day 3 passes by to full completion and the Kyoto trip ends on the 4th day with the train-ride home. Ayaka shares she's holding a small party at her house over the weekend to prolong their vacation, while Akemi suggests they first head to the Tokyo Silverman Gym to leave souvenirs. However, upon arriving, Tadakatsu and the background machos are all dressed in late 18th century samurai outfits...

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter is calisthenics by miming lat-pulldowns to loosen the back and shoulders.


  • It's revealed that while Aina-sensei has a driving operator's license, Tachibana-sensei does not.
  • Kure Yakusha appears briefly, said to be taking this 2nd day to visit family, revealing there is Kure Clan nearby the Kyoto area.
    • In the silhouette featuring Yakusha's family; Hollis, Reiichi, Horio and her grandfather Kure Erioh can be discerned. Erioh is also spoken about through Tachibana's gossip.