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Cheat Day is the seventh chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Sakura Hibiki, Soryuin Akemi and Uehara Ayaka are eating lunch on the rooftop of their school's building. Hibiki mention how she is only eating 2 big meals a day, but Akemi states it's the same style of diet that sumo wrestlers use to put on weight. Akemi suggest a "Bodybuilder diet" in where a person eats many meals through out the day, preventing the blood sugar level to rise by always having food in the stomach. Akemi talks about how she has 5 meals per day including snacks.

Hibiki decides she will go on a "Bodybuilder's diet" for summer but quickly loses confidence as she won't be able to eat her favorite foods. Akemi reassures Hibiki by telling her about a "cheat day" were a person can eat any food they would like during that day. The "Cheat day" is done once a week and the reason why people do it is to trick the body into over eating. Hibiki is motivated and begins the diet. Later on after school they eat at a restaurant where Hibiki start her new diet with a cheat day. Akemi tries to warn Hibiki she's doing her diet wrong, but Ayaka tells her it's pointless.

Exercise Learned

The focus of this chapter is foods/calories and "cheat days".


  • The same ingredients can have different calories depending on how it is prepared:
    • Steamed < Boiled < Sauteed < Deep fried