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EMS is the fiftieth chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



As it was Hibiki's brother's birthday the next day, she and the girls went shopping to look for a present. While there, Hibiki notices an EMS machine and Akemi explains the benefits of using one.

Exercise Learned

The focus of this chapter is electrical muscle stimulation.


  • In this chapter, Sakura Ibuki's birthdate is given (June 6th). This is the only birth date known in the series.
  • The shopping mall the girls are shopping at, ディックロ (dikkuro "DiClo"), is a combination of two companies and multiple references:
    • The sign and its name similar to an established Kengan company, United Clothing.
    • ディック東郷カメラ(dikkutōgō kamera "Dick Togo Camera") is a reference to BicCamera.
    • Professional Japanese wrestler Dick Togo.