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Dips is the eleventh chapter of the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Hibiki, Akemi and Ayaka decide to meet to go to the gym but find out Silverman Gym is closed. All other facilities are closed as well as the pool, gymnasiums and training halls. They go to Akemi's residence, which turns out to be an expansive mansion, leaving Ayaka and Hibiki in awe at Akemi's wealth. Akemi mentions that her parents are traveling the world and she is looked after by her older sister. Surprised by how rich she is, they ask Akemi why she doesn't train at home and buy the equipment for her house, but Akemi replies that exercising in the gym motivates her with the people around.

Akemi quickly finds a training guide written by Ozu Toshio, which gives lots of exercises that could be done at home with no equipment. One of the exercises given was dips using 2 chairs. Hibiki wants more of a challenge after doing dips and adds weight by using a bag. However she ends up breaking the chair from her weight + the bag.

Exercise Learned

The exercise focused on in this chapter is dips.