Admission is the first chapter the manga Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?.



Sakura Hibiki and Uehara Ayaka are walking together in which she mentions about how Hibiki's weight and how she has gained over the year and tells her that if she continues gaining weight she won't be able to get guys. At home Hibiki weighs herself and decides that she has to do something about it so she decides she will go on a diet.

The following day she goes the Silverman Gym to observe. By coincidence Soryuin Akemi a schoolmate is also there to observe. Inside the gym Hibiki is put off by the atmosphere of how serious the gym is but Akemi is excited about how serious the gym is and joins immediately as she has a muscle fetish. Soon after they meet Machio Naruzo who welcomes them to the gym, Hibiki falls for his charm and enrolls the gym.



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