Barnold Shortsinator (ハーンノルド・ドゲゲンチョネッガー, Hānnorudo Dogegenchoneggā) is a movie star whom Hibiki and Ayaka are huge fans of. He is a parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He mentored Machio Naruzo in America.


Hānnorudo Dogegenchoneggā is a very tall guy who is even taller Machio and the Machos. He has dark brown hair with hazelnut coloured eyes. He is often seen with his dark sun glasses, black leather jacket, dark green t-shirt, black trousers with a dark belt.



He is the mentor of Machio Naruzo and raised him into bodybuilder so that eventually they would compete. He also is an famous actor who plays the roles of ___ in Seven Commandos.


Barnold gives off an aura that intimidate all around him, even if he is just standing around.

Physical Abilities

He crushed a customized aluminium dumbbell with one hand and effortlessly carried Ayaka, Hibiki and Akemi over his soldiers all at once.


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