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Aina Rumika (愛菜 るみか, Aina Rumika; "Rumika Aina") is the homeroom teacher of class 2-B, and subsequently Hibiki and Ayaka's homeroom teacher.[1]


She is a woman of average height with long blonde hair and yellowish/brown concentrically-ringed eyes.

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She is one of the few characters who is not initially weirded out by Machio Naruzo flexing and tearing his clothes, being more interested in his advice. Like Kure Yakusha and Tachibana Satomi, she is angered by quips about her age.


She is the homeroom teacher of Sakura Hibiki. She is first seen, announcing the members of the track team. She and Kure Yakusha go to return Satomi's gym card and join the gym themselves.


Physical Abilities


  • Tachibana Satomi: Rumika is good friends with Satomi. Both share an interest in cosplay and getting married.
  • Kure Yakusha: Aina has a good relationship with Kure-sensei, with them both being teachers. She respects Kure-sensei's physical abilities.

Notes & Trivia

  • She likes to cosplay.[3]
  • By her own account, she was a delinquent in her youth.[4] By her own admission, she also drank underage.[5]